The AOC Report is the clearinghouse for academic Orthopaedic financials and administrative/financial/operational best practices.  National experts from within the academic community provide point of view commentary on a wide range of topics.  It is the only source of data analysis in the world that cuts across Academic Departments for a deep dive of reporting national averages and benchmark establishment for academic: surgeon compensation; starting salary offers for new hires; clinical productivity; endowment; Podiatric, Primary Care, Physiatrist, and PA productivity and pay.  We also report the external financial funds flows and packages that these Departments have negotiated with their SOMs, health systems, and hospitals.

Chairs of the Departments were surveyed for the focal points of coverage for the AOC Report. The AOC Report is produced and distributed 2-3 times per year at no cost to the community.

The distribution list is exclusive and includes the Chief Administrative Officers, Clinical Operations Managers, and Chairs. The AOC Report is also distributed nationally to over 5,000 Orthopaedic surgeons (a blend of academic and private practice Orthopaedic surgeons) via the forMD network.



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August, 2019
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Improving the Patient Clinic Experience

July, 2019
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Tips for Preparing & Negotiating Academic Orthopaedic Faculty Offer Letters

May, 2019
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Optimizing the Athletic Trainer

February, 2019
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Improving Perioperative Efficiency

February, 2017
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Orthopaedic Search Recruitment Process

December, 2016
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Making Sense of Shifts to Value-Based Payments and Bundling

June 8, 2016
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O&P/DME Models

May 2, 2016 – (J. Gagnon, Capra moderators)
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Marketing your Department

March 11, 2016 – (Hewson, J. Gagnon, Capra moderators)
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