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The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium (AOC) is a pure environment that consists solely of those who serve academic orthopaedic programs around the country. There are over 70 departments across the U.S. that participate in the Academic Orthopedic Consortium. If you are a Chief Administrative Officer, a Clinical Operations Manager, or a Hospital Service Line Director who is part of an academic Orthopaedic department or affiliated with an academic department, you are encouraged to join our community. THERE ARE NO FEES FOR MEMBERSHIP OR TO PARTICIPATE. THIS IS A FREE COMMUNITY!

Every department is encouraged to have its CAO, Clinical Operations Manager, and Hospital Service Line Director participate.

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Current AOC Members

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State Academic Affiliation Name Position
Shane Barton
Tim Mullen
Rob Crabtree
Steven Theiss
Paul Stover
Charles Barnes
Cynthia Brown
Alisha Jett
Theresa Wyrick-Glover
Josh Ragsdale
Michael McKee
Mark Vrahas
David Phillips
Morisa Guy
Linda Kresge
William Maloney
Tara Zimmerman
Kimberlee Sierra
Gregory Vervoort
Nitin Bhatia
Tonya Allen
Tina Nguyen
Jeffrey Eckardt
Francis Horncek
Lisa Rhodes
Hannah Bellenbaum
Tristin Brock
Brendan Kremer
Reid Abrams
Richard Capra
Evan Silbert
Debbie Gee
Matt Callahan
Tad Vail
Joyce Fields-Keene
Devin Nugent
Daniel Rodriquez
Eric Lindvall
Linda Creim
Tanya Tyranny
Jay Lieberman
Lauren Brummett
Laura Nelson
Jonathan Feiten
Laura King
Michael Torpey
Robert D'Ambrosia
Augustus Mazzocca
Katy Coyle
Frederick Peal
Terry Thompson
Hilda Mitrani
Dharma Mirabent
George Haidukewych
Andrew Duncan
Kathleen Hoffman
Gina Martorana
Mark Scarborough
Parker Gibbs
Tara Hedding
Weam Khadim
Frank Eismont
Deborah King
Mark Lewis
Monte Hunter
Michael Hattery
Heather Schmidt
Jenel Wisdom
James Roberson
Scott Boden
Bobette Patterson
Gregory Lehmann
Lawrence Marsh
Blair Faber
Brandon McMahon
Terrance Peabody
Mary Rodts
Libby Blahunka
Wendy Stark-Riemer
Joshua Jacobs
Les Jebson
Ashley Ingram
Evan Davis
Ryan Pate
Amy Burklund
Marianne Freer
Gretchen Pacholek
Douglas Dirschl
Jonathan Bode
Paul Gorski
Mark Gonzalez
Alfonso Mejia
Charles Rozanski
Kevin Caudill
Dean Hanlon
Ross Schultz
Lynn Kinman
Craig Roberts
Sven Oertel
Robert Zura