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The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium (AOC) is a pure environment that consists solely of those who serve academic orthopaedic programs around the country. There are over 70 departments across the U.S. that participate in the Academic Orthopedic Consortium. If you are a Chief Administrative Officer, a Clinical Operations Manager, or a Hospital Service Line Director who is part of an academic Orthopaedic department or affiliated with an academic department, you are encouraged to join our community. THERE ARE NO FEES FOR MEMBERSHIP OR TO PARTICIPATE. THIS IS A FREE COMMUNITY!

Every department is encouraged to have its CAO, Clinical Operations Manager, and Hospital Service Line Director participate.

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“This is an amazing group of professionals that are extremely encouraging to new members to Ortho. I find the networking an incredible opportunity and very helpful.”

“It’s amazing how far and fast this organization and event has come under and due to mikes leadership and energy. I am very appreciative and impressed.”

“Each year the information shared is amazing, applicable and helps me to determine directions for future projects…”

“I find the Annual Meeting to be extremely valuable. I am amazed by the intelligence and talent that I am surrounded by more so than at the AAOE meetings. This is far more intimate and focused on the challenges of academic medicine. Wonderful job Mike”

Voted #1 Most Valuable Organization Among Academic Orthopaedic Administrators