About the Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

In 2005 Michael Gagnon established The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium (AOC) to nationally organize the administrative leadership of the Academic Orthopaedic Departments for the purpose of establishing a national clearinghouse of information.  All this to better position Chairs and their leadership teams to understand their business and operational positions relative to the national academic landscape. At a national level, the AOC offering has included: benchmark analyses such as orthopaedic compensation, clinical productivity, and the negotiated funds flows which allow these academic departments to financially exist as they do; administrative and operational best practices; annual meetings focused on business and leadership for administrators and orthopaedic surgeons; and a central source of academic orthopaedic surgeon job postings.

All of this is provided at no cost to U.S. Academic Departments.  There are no membership fees or charges for this information.

Today there are over 463 leaders representing 125 academic departments nationally in this free consortium. Collectively, these departments represent over 2,000 Academic Orthopaedic Surgeons across the U.S.

The AOC positions academic leaders to be more informed and ultimately to become more effective in their roles by:

  • Keeping the AOC free of membership fees to encourage broad participation
  • Keeping the AOC free of costs for the reports and analysis to educate at a larger scale
  • Organizing annual meetings that cost less than all other national meetings
  • Peer networking via active engagement of Chief Administrative Officers, Clinical Operations Managers, Hospital Musculo Service Line Directors, and Chairs
  • Deep dive analysis and national benchmarking focused on the “hot topics”
  • Identification, education, and sharing specific to best practices
  • AOC Reports that are distributed nationally 4 times during the year at no cost • 6 free webinars centered on the “hot topics”

This is all to improve the national academic orthopaedic community as it tries to understand its environment and to process how it should evolve.

Ratings from Recent Year’s AOC Annual Meeting:

95.75% of attendees rated the SOCIAL ACTIVITIES an A or A-

90.38% of attendees rated the AGENDA TOPICS an A or A-

96.08% of attendees rated the SPEAKERS an A or A-

94.23% of attendees rated the VALUE (price vs. gain) an A or A-

96.15% of attendees rated the OVERALL SATISFACTION OF
an A or A-

Michael R. Gagnon, MBA

Founder & CEO
Academic Orthopaedic Consortium


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Voted #1 Most Valuable Organization Among Academic Orthopaedic Administrators