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To respect and improve the national academic landscape by freely providing best practice in business and leadership content to as many academic faculty leaders and administrators as possible to optimize their performance and that of the musculoskeletal enterprises they manage.


The AOC provides the top rated business and leadership meetings in academic Orthopaedics.  Chief administrative officers, clinical operations managers, hospital service line directors, chairs, vice chairs, division chiefs, and emerging faculty leaders are encouraged to attend the annual meetings and should expect a high level of engagement and active participation during the working sessions which will focus on best practices, what works, and what doesn’t work based on the experience of the attendees and invited distinguished speakers.

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If you are a chief administrative officer, clinical operations manager, hospital service line director, chair, vice chair, division chief, or emerging faculty leader who is part of or affiliated with an academic orthopedic department you are encouraged to join our community. It’s free! Three easy steps for expedited membership.

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The AOC Report is the clearinghouse for academic Orthopaedic financials and best practices. National experts provide point of view commentary on a wide range of topics.

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Advancing Academic Orthopedic Leadership

In 2005 Michael Gagnon established The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium (AOC) to nationally organize the administrative leadership of the Academic Orthopaedic Departments for the purpose of establishing a national clearinghouse of information.  All this to better position Chairs and their leadership teams to understand their business and operational positions relative to the national academic landscape. At a national level, the AOC offering has included: benchmark analyses such as orthopaedic compensation, clinical productivity, and the negotiated funds flows which allow these academic departments to financially exist as they do; administrative and operational best practices; annual meetings focused on business and leadership for administrators and orthopaedic surgeons; a central source of academic orthopaedic surgeon job postings; and group purchasing.

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